West Suburban Chamber holds several programs and events to serve its different purposes. Some events are held annually and manually. Mostly are joined by local organizations, members, and government representatives in the community. The members of WSC come together in cooperation with its partners for successful programs. Check the events below to learn more about each of them. You can head to our contact page for your inquiries or suggestions.

Welcoming Events for New Members

Every two months, the new members of the West Suburban Chamber are welcomed through a fun and exciting program joined by several professional staff and pioneering members as well. The purpose of this event is to give the new members an in-depth point of view and idea about the organization and what they do furthermore. Products and services introduced by the existing members of the West Suburban Chamber are also presented to the new members to make them more familiar with the opportunities and resources they could access.

Resident Welcoming

At least once a year, the volunteers of West Suburban Chamber delivers a packet to approximately 400-1,200 new residents and members. The distributed packets contain community resource directory gathered by the professional researchers of WSC and through the help of its private and public library partners. The area map and other business and service opportunities are also included in the welcoming gift. This tradition aims to inform the new members and present the opportunities they might be missing.

Annual Awards Night

The purpose of this event is to recognize the creative and hardworking talents of the West Suburban Chamber. The event is held as a formal gathering joined by people from other chambers as well. Local organizations, residents, partnerships, and government representatives are also present in the event. The event is celebrated annually along with fun and exciting activities and small programs of presentation. Member reviews, business performance, and local connections are also checked in the event.