How To Know You’re In Need Of Garburator Repair Services

Garburators or garbage disposals are a vital kitchen appliance that assists in shredding food waste into small bits that are easily washable down the drain. It’s pretty convenient because it helps keep your kitchen smell better, hygienic and keeps the area free of waste and pollution. Though very convenient, it only takes little to throw a wrench in the garburator’s functionality. So, how do you know need a garbage repair service?

Clogged Garburator
You may have a clog on your hands when you hear a humming noise or any noise from the motor when the machine is turned on, and there’s no waste removal. This often happens when there’s hard-to-grind items or high fiber foods inhibiting the motion of the blades. Clogging may also occur when the food isn’t being chopped properly, resulting in waste clogging the drain pipe. A Clogged Garburator may result in further clogs down the drain lines, which can lead to even more severe drain clogs. Never attempt putting your hand in the garburator to try clear the clog. Instead, switch off the power at the mains and call for professional assistance to clear the jam right up. Call a professional garburator repair service to solve this problem quickly.

Garburator Leak
The easiest way to detect this is via odor or smell. The worn-out or loose seals allow waste to escape, which potentially leads to wet work areas, stench, and health concerns. There is a time when the water pipe of the disposal unit may go bad as a result of old or worn-out seals. So if you notice water under the sink coming from the disposal unit, inspect the pipes for drips or water run marks. Probable water leak sources include the flange, drain, dishwasher hose, and bottom of the unit. However, if the leak is coming from the garburator itself, it will need replacement.

New Garburator
Like any other appliance, garburators are subject to wear down with time and may reach a point where it’s damaged or broken beyond repair. In this case, purchasing new garbage disposal is the most sensible approach since it’ll function more efficiently and faster than older versions.

There’s a common misconception around claiming garbage disposals can grind up anything. They are actually delicate equipment given that they were designed to handle light food residue like utensils or food on plates after rinsing. When you find that your garbage disposal is clogged, leaking, or simply not functioning, call a garage repair service provider immediately for an easy and quick solution.

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