Improving Relationships with Clients

What happens when you meet someone for the first time? There is the introduction part, the weird moment of silence and finally, as you get to know each other you build trust. The same is true with clients when someone shows up at your place of business for the first time he/she expects something from you, it might be a product or a service.

There is a saying that “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” this simply means that as a person who operates a business it is your responsibility to show the client what he or she needs, doing this can go either way. If you dupe your clients, you will build negative public perception. Thus they won’t trust you. On the other hand, if you give the client something that he or she finds useful, the client will feel that you have his/her best interest at heart. And that’s what makes some businesses more successful than others. Look at Apple; the company refused to help the FBI unlock one of its clients’ Smartphone; this showed Apple users that their information is safe with the company.

What I’m trying you tell you here is keep your clients safe and happy, this will, in the long run, build customer loyalty.

Give it a personal touch

If you are sending an email to your clients, you should personalize the email to each client. This will help you to build a reputation; social media has given companies or businesses a platform to connect with clients on a personal level.

You can use social media to handle client problems quickly, reach new ones, and to make your clients ‘feel good’. For instance, you can wish your clients a happy birthday, or inform them of upcoming deals that might be of benefit to them.

You have to be genuine i.e. don’t promise what you can’t give; this will go a long way in building genuine relationships with your clients.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes

Remember your business’s first clients are you and your employees, if you don’t treat your clients well, they won’t treat outside customers well either. This is bad because you will lose business; the trick is to treat others the way you want to be treated. It starts with your body language, you have to make eye contact, smile and make sure that your customers both internal and external remember the interactions they have with you.

When clients feel happy they get comfortable with you, therefore don’t be rude be nice even if the client is not.

To dumb it all down, you should:

  1. Respond quickly to customers
  2. Treat all clients well
  3. Go the extra mile in satisfying your clients
  4. Be patient

The most important thing is to know your business and the industry you are in. This will tell you the level of service or the type of products your clients require.

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