Mission & Vision


West Suburban Chamber (WSC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by professional leaders who aim to work in close collaboration with schools, businesses, and other corporations. The group focuses mainly on business-education partnerships, development in leadership and economics, and workforce education. WCS shares motivation and free learning activities to localities through several events like seminars, meetings, and various programs that will be available to all who are interested. West Suburban Chamber’s ultimate mission is to help business establishing, marketing and service research, or even personal needs; WSC is ready to give a helping hand.


West Suburban Chamber envisions its community and residents to have a better understanding of trade and economic terms. With the perfect collaboration of both professional community and business leaders, WSC expects a harmonious flow of both its programs and pursuits in cooperation with local communities, schools, organizations, residents, and leaders. Through the help of people who desire a better community, West Suburban Chamber will continue to operate to the extent of some government agencies and local managements. In the coming years, it is expected that the West Suburban Chamber will continue pursuing its services, connections, and programs in other regions through the help of its local government.