Securing Business Website from Cyber Attack

The truth is for you to understand the importance of something you must look at the consequences first, remember what happened to Ashley Madison? If your business is hacked, your client’s details which may include classified information, medical records, copyrighted materials, authentication details, and most importantly payment data fall into the ‘wrong hands.’

If any of the mentioned data falls into the wrong hands, it may be used for blackmail, identity theft, and fraud. Simply put, a simple hack can cost your business lots of money, and it will cripple the trust your clients have in you. Thus you will lose business. The easiest way to ensure that you don’t fall victim to cybercriminals is to stay offline, the problem with that is your business will be left behind and become irrelevant in the market. You will also miss profitable opportunities and connections that may make your business grow.

Look at it this way; your competitors will have the edge over you and in the long run, you may have to close up shop. The problem with the advancement in technology is the more technology advances, the more cybercrimes advance. These two go hand in hand, when a new technology comes up people always find ways to exploit that technology for their benefit.

I won’t lie to you most businesses today are struggling to keep up with rapid changes in techniques that cybercriminals use to mount malicious campaigns. If you check the numbers, you will find that businesses worldwide are expected to spend at least $6 trillion by 2019 on cybersecurity, this means that for most small businesses cybersecurity is getting expensive every day. However, if your data is breached, it will become more expensive to handle the fallout that stems from that. Thus it is in your best interest to invest in cybersecurity today.

Keep your website safe

They say that prevention is better than cure; this means that it pays to keep your business and client data from ever falling into the wrong hands. The best way to ensure that your information/data is secured is to have your systems checked, monitored, tested, and audited every month. The idea is to identify the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals.

Your best option is to hire an IT expert to check your systems and keep your protection software up-to-date. If you wait too long to update your system you may fall victim.

Your employees

Most times we use passwords to protect ourselves from cyber-attacks; a problem is passwords can be shared. To make things worse, some employees might share passwords with criminals without even knowing it.  The easiest way to keep criminals from obtaining your password is to train your employees. You have to teach them about the importance of password protection.

What happens when you fire an employee?

To ensure that your business is secure after you terminate an employee; you will have to terminate the employee’s access to your system immediately. If it’s a problem employee make sure that he or she doesn’t get hold of devices such as thumb drives, hard disks, or mobile devices that belong to the business.

Before you fire someone you should monitor the person’s digital activities that relate to the business; you can use software such as SpectorSoft to find any suspicious activity on company systems.

You should also limit employee access to sensitive data; make sure that only those who have the right clearance access data.

You should also keep an eye out for outsiders who try to access company systems; you never know what they are after.

Use the cloud

If you can’t keep an eye on everything you should store your data in the cloud, this will make it the provider’s responsibility to look after your data. But keep in mind that cloud services can also be hacked thus protect your password and choose the right provider.

If you choose to store data on a company computer, encrypt the data.

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